This weekend we made a new edition ofCompass Navigation Training Program Basic Level, in the unique lanscapes of the High Vall Fosca.

Surrounded by peaks of almost 3,000 meters, more than 30 mountain lakes, mountain goats and marmots, our new friend Laura, had to charge her batteries with the compass, maps and GPS.


With she, we have enjoyed fantastic days, a magic sunset and a spectacular full moon.


Many thanks Laura!


See you soon!

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We are back !!

This week in Hardangervidda has been intense. A journey on skis and pulka in which we have conducted workshops of all kinds, within the course of Cold Environtments (Wilderness Guides) of W.G.A. Led by X-Plore, we have handled nivology workshops and navigation compass.

There have been eight days in total, from 1st to March 8th, in which students, all mountain leaders (UIMLA) and ourselves, have expanded and strengthened our expertise in leadership, group management, conflict resolution, winter camping , survival in cold environments, tracking, repairing stoves, pulkas driving techniques, telecommunications, terrain safety circulation, moisture management and much more.

IMG_1511 IMG_1520 IMG_1528

We have shared some fantastic days with a spectacular people. New friends already.

We found everyone very soon the day 1, Prat Airport (Barcelona), to catch our flight to Bergen with Norwegian with more packages which carries Santa Claus on his sleigh.



Once in Bergen, we spent the night in a highly recommended Hotel, Marken Gjesthus, which is very close to the Bus Station, and still closer to the Central Train Station, we took shortly before 8:00 am on next, heading towards Finse. This route is recognized as one of the most beautiful travel by train in the world. I agree.

Once in Finse, we prepared all the equipment together with pulkas, who previously rode the train and, ready to go !!


We enjoyed, learned and shared everything and everyone, surrounded by spectacular scenery. An environment that can be overwhelming, despite staying relatively close to civilization. In which we could  feel inside our bones how cold is able to bite. We arrived at temperatures of  – 25.4 ° C. And we slept one night in a makeshift shelter, no tents, no stoves, and someone even without sleeping bag. Alone and distanced from each other. A long night, indeed.


We have returned with everything we need to organize more than one activity in this area. Soon, we will prepare and be all set to share with you all that we have lived.

We hope to see you here at Hardangervidda !!

See you soon!!

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Hardangervidda is the largest high plateau in northern Europe and the largest national park in Norway. This park is a highland area extremely valuable. It is home to the largest herds of wild reindeer is in Europe and is the southernmost of the snow owl habitat, Arctic fox and other arctic species of flora and fauna.

One of the main reasons to turn this territory in the National Park was to ensure a good habitat for populations of wild reindeer. In Hardangervidda wild reindeer herds still their seasonal migration routes and without too much danger. Hardangervidda is also well known for its good fishing.



Here, the famous explorer, Roald Amundsen, nearly died in the winter of 1896. But his failure set him on the path of training, study and exploration that led to his historic conquest of the South Pole.
<< Lost in a snowstorm, on a frigid day in 1896, disoriented and directionless, Roald Amundsen and his partner Leon decided to bivouac. They dropped their huge backpacks, their long skis were their shoes and dug a hole in the snow.
After digging two holes, as shallow graves, they got into their sleeping bags, made from reindeer skin. They kept shaking terribly. It was January in the mountains of southwestern Norway, when snow and wind, darkness and biting cold-winter-wolves conspire to kill the unprepared. Having skied for three weeks to cross the 100 miles across the Hardangervidda plateau, wandering between snowstorms and bivouacked repeatedly became two thin and weak beings. Their stove did not work, and they did not eat for days.
Overnight, the snow piled up on the sleeping bags, muffling the sound of roaring wind. The humidity of the slow breathing of the brothers froze the interiors of their sleeping bags. The weight of the snow almost buried their bodies in that place forever. They were almost buried alive.
The next day, with 23-year-old Roald she woke up, found buried in ice, unable to move. But Leon, 25, with crazy effort, was able to escape. Only the tips of the boots of his brother were still visible. Leon, digging frantically, took more than an hour, pulling to get Roald, perace that just before he suffocates.
Later that day, the brothers skied toward the south of the Hardangervidda, frozen and hungry, they found their way to Mogen, a group of wooden huts on the northern edge of a body of water called Vinjefjorden.
There were found by a farmer, who gave them food and welcomed them. >>
Undoubtedly, this experience, Amundsen prepared to become one of the greatest polar explorers of all time. Amundsen, in gratitude, gave his compass to the farmer. His great-grandson, still preserved.
The Hardangervidda became the perfect polar school preparation. Amundsen later recalled wryly that his ski trip “was so strenuous and dangerous as any of my travels”.
This experience marked the course of his life. Ill-equipped and ignorant, flush with youthful arrogance, Amundsen never again commit such errors.
Here he was born one of his most famous phrases: “Adventure is just bad planning.”
In this unique setting, which we deeply respect, not only for its nature and landscapes, but also for being the place where the best of the polar explorers trained their travel history, let’s “getting ready” we.
We’re leaving on March 1, and for 8 days will make a journey on skis and pulka, where we have time to train and conduct various workshops with students of the third Spanish promotional aspirants W.G.A.
also take the opportunity to collect information and contacts, soon be able to share with you, new experiences.

‘You will tell !!

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On Sunday February 21st, we drove to Porté-Puymorens for nivology and avalanches practices with students from TD2 (Mountain Leaders candidates, UIMLA) from CAR de Sant Cugat (High Performance Center). It was a fantastic day. Interesting, entertaining and soooo sunny with springtime temperatures. We did circulation practices in avalanche terrain, quick tests for studying the stability of snow’s mantle, column test, extended column test, clarify doubts and end up with an experiment to detect and display, in a somewhat “spectacular” weak layers of the mantle, with a nice laaarge cup of coffee !!!
It was the first time we did something like that and the result, more than satisfactory.

formacion CAR1
formacion CAR 2

We leave you the link where we got the idea …
video slab avalanche potential & coffee

And now, good luck in the exam !!!

Our results
Our results

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