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Lorino: Whales & Whalers. Living Heritage

 July the 27th  – August the 7th  2020


Nenet migration in Yamalia (Siberia, Russia)

If launching adventure is something that you love, then this trip will excite you.
Here you can see some of the most virgin and remote regions of the planet.
This rewarding experience with an impressive combination of the incredible arctic environment of this region, the mountainous landscapes of the Polar Urals and the unique experience of sharing the tundra lifestyle and the nomadic nenet.

The Great Ethnic Adventure of Chukotka

When we speak about Chukotka, we speak about one of the most remote regions of Russia, and one of the most inaccessible. We enter a virgin area and tremendously inaccessible, a short distance from the neighboring Kamchatka and Yakutiya.

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