On Sunday February 21st, we drove to Porté-Puymorens for nivology and avalanches practices with students from TD2 (Mountain Leaders candidates, UIMLA) from CAR de Sant Cugat (High Performance Center). It was a fantastic day. Interesting, entertaining and soooo sunny with springtime temperatures. We did circulation practices in avalanche terrain, quick tests for studying the stability of snow’s mantle, column test, extended column test, clarify doubts and end up with an experiment to detect and display, in a somewhat “spectacular” weak layers of the mantle, with a nice laaarge cup of coffee !!!
It was the first time we did something like that and the result, more than satisfactory.

formacion CAR1
formacion CAR 2

We leave you the link where we got the idea …
video slab avalanche potential & coffee

And now, good luck in the exam !!!

Our results
Our results

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