Managing Director

  • Mountain Leader, a member of the AEGM accredited UIMLA,
  • Wilderness Guide, (Cold & Hot environments) accreditation WGA
  • Expedition Guide
  • Interpreter guide of the Aigüestortes & Sant Maurici National Park
  • Interpreter of Tracks & Signs Level 2 accreditation CyberTracker
  • Yacht Captain

His father and grandfather taught him to love mountains of the Pyrenees, now considers his home. At age 12, a hemp rope from his grandfather, a makeshift harness, a newly purchased carabiner and a pair of socks on his hands made his first rappel from the wall of the village church … (The chaplain was not). And so it began. He is passionate about the wilderness, climbing, mountaineering and ski touring.

He has led large trips and expeditions from America (Peru, USA and Canada), through the Alps and the High Atlas, and ending with Ladahk (Indian Himalaya) and Yamalia (Russian Arctic), among others.

Since 2014 he is training courses director related to snow and avalanches accredited ACNA.

For him, leadering is not a job, it is his passion. Where each expedition is a unique experience to discover and share. And respect for the environment, nature and local cultures mark the way of living your life experience trying beaming with joy. All with utmost professionalism and providing the highest possible safety.






  • Mountain Leader
  • Climbing Guide
  • Snowboard Guide
  • Entertainment Boat Captain (P.E.R.)

Lisi decides graduate as climbing guide and mountain leader after more than 20 years in the world of rockwalls and mountains.

Although her family was sportslovers, they essentially practiced sailing. Lisi got the best of this education, and went to the mountains. Sport climbing and snowboard competition took her time and dedication for years, but eventually she decided to move to the Pyrenees and leave that world, which gave her the freedom and closeness to the wilderness and  mountains she really wanted.

Traveling was her goal for many seasons, and after some time, she began to get her degrees … and finally make the leadering and guiding  her profession.


Cultural Guide

  • Universitary Degree in Circumpolar Studies
  • Degree in Physics from the University of Barcelona (UB)

Miguel Angel is travelling to remote and isolate places of Siberia and The Arctic since 2006.

In 2011 he was spending the Tsagaan Sar – the Mongolian Lunar New Year – in Khatgal village, living with local people in a Mongolian Ger, when he came up with the idea of publishing a book about Indigenous Peoples in the Arctic and Siberia.

​In 2012, he joined the University of the Arctic to study a Bachelor of Circumpolar Studies, where he specialized in Indigenous Peoples of Siberia. The same year, The Unknown Siberia and The Unknown Arctic projects were created.

​Mainly focused on Indigenous Peoples, Miguel Angel has been travelling accross Siberia for the last 10 years, visiting places like the Altai Republic, Tomsk Oblast, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Irkutsk Oblast, Buryatia Republic, Khövsgöl Province, Kamchatka Krai, Sakha Republic, Primorsky Krai, Khabarovsk Krai, Tyumen Oblast, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Komi Republic, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, Chukotka Autonomous Okrug,…



Anthropologist and cultural guide

  • Graduated in Ethnology and Anthropology at the Moscow University (Lomonosov)

Misha, spent his childhood and youth in Siberia, before going to study in Moscow. He currently lives on horseback between Chukotka and Lithuania.

As an ethnologist and field anthropologist, he has accumulated great experience in regions of Siberia, Mongolia and the Amazon.

He has written several scientific articles about different ethnic groups of hunters and nomads of these regions.

He studied the kinship lines of the Siberian natives, creating genealogical trees for further global genetic research.

Today, the main research area refers to small ethnic groups of hunters and nomads and their contacts with post-industrial society, the influence of tourism development on the traditional way of life.

Misha  has created several travel programs in Chukotka, Mongolia and the Baikal, for professionals (photographers from National Geographic, film crews for television documentaries and scientists)

It is a privilege to be able to count on the team with Misha, who will guide some of our expeditions and great trips on the ground. No one better than him to teach us about that wild and distant land. A bridge to meet ancient cultures, peoples that are a treasure of humanity and what dangers and challenges await them.