Central Finland in Winter: Chasing Northern Lights on Fat Bike

A week full of adventure, from fatbike routes, to hiking trips through forests, hills and lakes, to learning some survival skills, which will be an added value to personal skills in future adventures.
7 days

Expedition Trekking through the Last Great Wilderness Area in Europe: Sarek National Park

 August, 24th - September, 04th 2020
One of Europe’s last true wilderness areas, Sarek National Park is situated north of the Arctic Circle in Swedish Lapland. Established in 1909, Sarek was one of Sweden’s first designated National Parks, and due to its remote and largely trail-less nature, it has remained the province of experienced adventurers ever since. A place that seems to be big: valleys, glaciers, mountains, rivers and animals (bears, wolves, wolverines, moose and reindeer)
12 days
+16 (Under 18 accompanied by tutor)