Dark Valley’s Hidden Lakes (La Vall Fosca)

This is a demanding two-day trek through the high valley of La Vall Fosca. Header of the Vall Fosca, ” the Dark Valley”, is composed of thirty lakes, of glacial origin. Highlights Tort lake, Colomina lake or the Sea Lake, which are some of the most known and visited. During our tour, we will see and visit many others that are protected from the eyes of most visitors and just as spectacular as the most famous. For example Francí Lake, Salado lake or Mariolo lake, to mention some. Overnight in a mountain hut, called “the Colomina” where, surrounded by wonderful scenery, we will have dinner, relax and recover our energy. The lakes area where we go deep, is the gateway to the the southern side of “Aigüestortes and Sant Maurici” National Park. In this Alpine scenario, there are a large number of specimens of fauna such as the Pyrenean goat, marmots, snow partridge or bearded voltures. In the highest areas, there locate flora such as gentians, arnica or Rus’ path’s orchids, among others. We are excited to have the opportunity to guide you on this incredible adventure! Start planning your next experience today.     Point of Departure / Arrival: Cabdella, Pallars Jussà Check Out: 07:30 am Included: Breakfast & overnight in Colomina Refuge Meals specified in program (dinner & breakfast) Amaroq Explorers guide Activities according to program Tents, cooking
4.86 / 2 reviews
per person
2 days
Cabdella, Pallars Jussà, Lleida Pyrenees, Catalonia

Expedition Trekking through the Last Great Wilderness Area in Europe: Sarek National Park

 August, 24th - September, 04th 2020
One of Europe’s last true wilderness areas, Sarek National Park is situated north of the Arctic Circle in Swedish Lapland. Established in 1909, Sarek was one of Sweden’s first designated National Parks, and due to its remote and largely trail-less nature, it has remained the province of experienced adventurers ever since. A place that seems to be big: valleys, glaciers, mountains, rivers and animals (bears, wolves, wolverines, moose and reindeer)
12 days
+16 (Under 18 accompanied by tutor)

Nenet migration in Yamalia (Siberia, Russia)

If launching adventure is something that you love, then this trip will excite you. Here you can see some of the most virgin and remote regions of the planet. This rewarding experience with an impressive combination of the incredible arctic environment of this region, the mountainous landscapes of the Polar Urals and the unique experience of sharing the tundra lifestyle and the nomadic nenet.
5.00 / 1 review
per person
13 days
Salekhard, Yamalia, Russia

The Great Ethnic Adventure of Chukotka

When we speak about Chukotka, we speak about one of the most remote regions of Russia, and one of the most inaccessible. We enter a virgin area and tremendously inaccessible, a short distance from the neighboring Kamchatka and Yakutiya.
16 days

Winter adventure in the heart of the P.N. Sarek, Lapland (Sweden)

 1st - 12th March 2020
If what you are looking for is authentic adventure, surrounded by wild nature, in an Arctic landscape ... this is your trip. Crossing the land of the Sami, hidden and protected by nature, we enter one of the wildest National parks in Europe.  
12 days
P.N. Sarek Laponia (Suecia)