Tourist accommodation base camp


Welcome to the Amaroq Explorers Base Camp. It is a house for tourist use, (HUTL-30991). Here we prepare our expeditions and adventures, conduct courses and dream of new projects. But it is also a special place where you can rest and recover after an intense day, a great journey, an exposed climb … or a hard week in the office.

Our Base Camp offers accommodation in Tremp, capital of the region of Pallars Jussà (Lleida). Situated in a strategic location, between the Pre-Pyrenees (Montsec) and the Pyrenees, we offer the possibility of being very close to a multitude of wilderness lands and Natural Parks where you can practice all kinds of outdoor activities during the four seasons:

Paragliding, kayaking, rafting, climbing, canyoning, hiking, bbt or horseback riding, alpine ski, cross-country ski, sonwshoes, hiking, orientation, survival, wildlife observation …

A great gastronomy of the region and the great wines of the D.O. Costers de Segre.

Amaroq Explorers Base Camp is located on the ground floor of a building completely restored and cataloged as local interest (protected) with garden, Finnish sauna, spa and cold shower. It is a space for a small and very comfortable group, thought to share time and space with us, the guides, it is our home. And we want you to feel at home, as a family; It is your refuge.

The accommodation is housed in a traditional  building, completely restored, on 2 floors. It is located on the ground floor.

It consists of:

– A hall with a wardrobe with two shelves for each person

– One one bedroom – living room with

* 6 beds (“private bunk beds”) with their own light, plug, hanger and full bed set.
* sofa, desk, television, fireplace

– A  bathroom (2 W.C. and 2 showers)

– A room with a king size bed and its own bathroom.

– Washer and dryer (ask)

– Wooded garden with

* Finnish sauna of firewood and cold shower
* Spa
* Outside dining area

– Free WIFI

Kitchen service:

The kitchen is at your disposal, 24 hours.

If you want that we prepare some food, you just have to ask.

Other services:

At Amaroq Explorers we are mountain and expedition guides with UIMLA and WGA qualification. And we offer our services to carry out activities in the area. You can also check our website.

We can also get in touch with local active and adventure tourism agencies, with activities such as horseback riding, rafting, btt, etc.

Life at the accommodation:

Our intention is to create an atmosphere of brotherhood, where we all feel comfortable. Around a table are shared coffees, games, or observe and comment on a topographical plane, looking for such a peak or discovering where the forest track ends … the atmosphere provided by our guests is always quiet, camaraderie and coexistence.

PRICE LIST. Prices of the shared room (6 pax)

Weekend (from Friday afternoon to Sunday)

240,00 € (3 pax)

310,00 € (4 pax)

370,00 € (5 pax)

430,00 € (6 pax)

Weekend (from Friday afternoon to Sunday) HS

260,00 € (3 pax)

340,00 € (4 pax)

400,00 € (5 pax)

460,00 € (6 pax)

Weekly (per day, from Monday to Thursday)

81,00 € (3 pax)

108,00 € (4 pax)

135,00 € (5 pax)

162,00 € (6 pax)

Weekly (per day, from Monday to Thursday) HS

99,00 € (3 pax)

132,00 € (4 pax)

165,00 € (5 pax)

198,00 € (6 pax)

Full week (6 nights, including weekend)

654,00 €

Full week (6 nights, including weekend) HS

754,00 €


PRICE LIST. Prices of the double room (2 pax)

Weekend (from Friday afternoon to Sunday)

240,00 €

Weekend (from Friday afternoon to Sunday) HS

260,00 € 

Weekly (per day, from Monday to Thursday)

81,00 €

Weekly (per day, from Monday to Thursday) HS

99,00 €

Full week (6 nights, including weekend)

654,00 €

Full week (6 nights, including weekend) HS

754,00 €


• Taxes are included in this list.
• Tourist tax not included.
• High season (HS) corresponds to Easter, Christmas and from June 23 to September 11, both included.
• Check-out before 3PM


Please fill out this form to make reservations. Read the rates and conditions.
No reservation will be effective until a confirmation email is sent by Amaroq Explorers to the mailbox specified by the user. To make the reservation will be paid 30% in advance in a bank account provided by the hostel.
* Required fill fields.

The Department of Business and Knowledge is working on the elaboration of different protocols that all tourist establishments and restaurants must follow to guarantee users that they apply demanding health and hygiene measures and that, therefore, their facilities are safe in preventing the Covid-19.
Specifically, it is working on the development of six protocols, four for tourist establishments (hotels, camping sites, rural tourism establishments and tourist apartments), one for commercial establishments (restaurants) and a sixth that encompasses other activities in the tourist field. These protocols will be finalized the third week of this month of May.

The Generalitat of Catalonia has committed itself to the Secretary of State for Tourism to provide information on the system established by the Institute for Spanish Tourist Quality (ICTE). For this reason, the conclusions of these working groups have been transferred to ICTE so that they form part of the draft recommendations that it is developing. The objective is that both projects are coherent and converge. Likewise, work is also being done to ensure that the Catalan model converges with possible accreditations that may come from international organizations.

The German certification company TÜV SÜD, with experience in this type of subject, is coordinating the work, together with the General Directorate of Tourism and PIMEC.

At Amaroq Explorers we are committed to the health and well-being of everyone, that is why we have taken the necessary measures to manage the risk of contagion from Covid-19. By anticipating these protocols, we will tell you about the measures we are taking now to guarantee everyone’s health.

Anti Covid-19 measures:

1.- Regarding the contract and reception of our clients:

– The hiring will always be done through the internet. We will provide, as is our custom, all possible information to our clients by email before arrival at the accommodation. Documentation includes anti-Covid-19 recommendations
– We will inform our client that they will not be able to use the accommodation if they have had any symptoms compatible with Covid-19 in the last 14 days.
– We will facilitate the signing of contracts by telematic means. In any case, when receiving guests at our Base Camp, the space will faithfully comply with all sanitation recommendations regarding disinfection, using hydro-alcoholic gels and we will use a mask.
– We advise guests to bring their own masks and hydroalcoholic gel.

2.- other actions:

– As you may already know, our Base Camp is made available to a single group of people, friends or family. The house is not shared with any other group. This is already an important factor in avoiding risks.

– Before the arrival of the guests and after their departure, the entire house, apart from being cleaned, is disinfected with methods and products known to work against the virus.

– The sheets, bedding and towels are also washed at maximum temperature. And All rooms are disinfected. But we give you the option of bringing your bedding and towels, if you wish.

– The spa water is treated with bromine. And the exterior is also cleaned for its disinfection and greater tranquility of all. Bromine is an excellent disinfectant for any kind of water, even high pH water. Very effective against bacteria, viruses, fungi and removes organic impurities in the water. It is especially indicated in places where the smell of chlorine bothers and is ideal for water with high temperatures, such as spas and indoor heated pools. Its main advantages are that it does not irritate the eyes and mucous membranes, has great tolerance to pH variations and does not smell of chlorine !!

– The sauna is perhaps the most septic facility of all, since during its use, the temperature always remains above that of the virus’s survivability.
The exterior is also disinfected. In order to carry out this extra cleaning, we ask for two days between reception and reception of guests.

As protocols appear and / or changes occur, we will adapt and adjust our procedures, while you will be informed.
Our goal is that you can enjoy the establishment and the Pallars without having to worry about anything else.

We wait for you at home with open arms.
A virtual hug,