Formation Program for Kids

 ACNA Accreditation

1 day
Calendar: As request
Location: As request

  • Introduction:

This project aims to introduce students  nearby mountain areas environments to experience snow and to raise awareness of the need to acquire “healthy” patterns to develop any activity in snowy environments safely.

On the other hand, we believe it is important to publicize the natural resources of their area. We also believe it is very important to promote among students interest in their territory and the winter environment, and help them to develop positive attitudes in front of the problems that may cause the snow.

  •  Audiencie:

-Boys and girls in a school setting, club or hiker center


  • Objectives:

– Introduce to children from school, ski clubs or hiking centers into the  snow environtments.

– Know the snow and create awareness that safety is paramount in the snowy wilderness.


  • Contents and activities:

The proposal is divided into two sessions. The first is intended to carry it out in the classroom and lasts an hour. The second is necessary to do it in a place with snow and lasts three hours. The contents of the session are:

  1. First Session: Brief Introduction of mountain environtments, snow and avalanches through videos and photographs. What sensations transmits you the snowy landscape? What experiences have you had with the snow? Presentation of material in avalanche rescue where children can learn and play with different devices. The meeting will end with a small demonstration of a rescue within the class.
  2. Second Session: Three workshops will be held.
    • geographical location and navigation basics
    • Discovery of the snowpack with the help of a shovel and a magnifying glass
    • Rescue simulation starring students where they learn to use avalanche victim detector (DVA), shovel and probe.

May be possible to make 100% of training within the class. In this case, should develop more materials to work navigation and snowpack without going outside or confined to the schoolyard. The mock rescue can be performed burying the victims with sheets.


  •  Material:

    • Drawings are available with simple explanations of the most important issues that can be presented in poster size and a model to reproduce avalanches with flour and sugar.
    • Projection of videos and photographs
    • Shovels, AVD, probes


  • Indicative budget:

    • Included

      • 1 hour of theory in the classroom
      • 3 hours of practice in the snow
      • 1 One teacher ACNA (up to 10 students), 2 teachers ACNA (up to 20 students)
      • Taxes
      • Insurance
    • Not included

      • Displacement of students
      • teachers expenses



Salary:    150 € (one teacher)                               300 € (two teachers)

Material:          30 €

  TOTAL:        180 €   (one teacher)                                330 € (two teachers)