5 days
Valh d’Aran (Pirineos)
December – March


Tredós is the last town of Naut Aran (before reaching Baqueira). It is located 1,348 m above sea level, at the entrance of Aigüestortes & Sant Maurici National Park. This is the ideal starting point to discover and explore the trails, valleys, peaks and hills that bring us to the more than 30 mountain lakes that adorn further  Colomèrs Mountain Range, with granite peaks that almost reach 3,000 m. and give to this valley called Aiguamog an incomparable beauty.


Our route with snowshoes, skis & pulka or snowmobiles, will take us, overcoming the riverside of Aiguamog to the magnificent thermal baths of Tredòs (1.740 m), the sulfurous waters of which have already enjoyed the Romans. These ancient baths were recovered in 1988. This place can breathe peace and tranquility.

Tredòs has a rich historical and cultural heritage. Church of Romanesque style, Santa Maria del Cap de Tredòs, dates back to the XI-XIII centuries and has two features that make it unusual: the presence of a crypt under the altar and the location of the tower away from the body of the religious building .



The hotel – Banhs of Tredòs and its hot springs:


The hotel – Spa, located half way up the valley,  due to its location, is without doubt spectacular.

The exterior spa circuit approaches the thermal spring water and is covered with a glass dome that keeps the interior temperature pleasant throughout the year. It has a natural pool of sulphurous thermal water, Finnish sauna and jacuzzi.


The millenary drop

Unlike the non-thermal springs, the time when the water is traveling through the earth’s crust is very long, even thousands of years. The waters issued today, fell from the sky many centuries ago. The sulphurous water comes from a spring with more than 5000l / h flow. and at a temperature of 33 ° C. (Sulfur gr.de 0.028 per litre, smelling hydrogen sulphide and sulfur ions, sodium, potassium, calcium and chlorine. Residue solid 0.6 g / l rich in sulfobacteries).

Refill Area: Area Colomers 2700 meters

sistema_hidrotermal_banhs_tredosIn the water refill area, which begins its slow journey into the depths of the earth, which not only heats up but also it comes in contact with minerals which aren’t present on the surface, where they are collected. Water descend to 3200 meters below sea level. This trip takes many centuries, so we can say that the water emanating from this thermal system was collected in Colomers many, many centuries ago and now, in the XXI century, emanates for us, after its long journey through the depths of the Earth.

Discharge area System: Tredòs Hotsprings.

Physicochemical characteristics in the thermal upwelling at 1790 meters: Temp. 32º – pH9.6

Reservoir: 3200 mt. deep.

Physicochemical characteristics of water in the reservoir at 3200 meters deep: Temp: 90 degrees pH: 8.8

Aiguamog Valley:

It is very multifaceted: meadows, pastures, forests, rivers and lofty peaks, are only the preamble of the largest lake basin in the Pyrenees: The  Colomèrs Mountain Range.

The journey we make allow us to discover this valley and enter into the peripheral area of Aigüestortes & Sant Maurici National Park. We can admire the view of the summits and the Great Tuc of Colomèrs (2,933 m)

With the end of the last ice age, in the basins,  mountain lakes that were filled with sediments until they become plains where rivers were plying a path of sinuous curves, reason is called “bended waters”.


corzoThe roe deer is one of the mammals of the deer family living in these forests. The male has small horns with  three ends that molting each year. The female is the only one of all cervids with delayed implantation: after the ovum is fecundated, it will not develop until external conditions are not favorable.






(Achillea millefolium), we will be found in meadows, pastures and roadsides. It is known from the time of the Romans: the soldiers carried in their knapsacks because of its healing power. Infusions, also used to treat ulcers and gastritis.






Another plant of the valley is monkshood (Aconitum napellus), one of the most toxic known, deadly even in small doses. Although it was used in poultices for gout and rheumatism.




  • The great beauty of  Colomèrs Mountain Range
  • The tranquility and peace of the place
  • Its diversity of landscapes / environments
  • Spa: A well-deserved rest and recuperation in spectacular surroundings.


In case of reaching the spa by snowmobiles, they are driven by the same customers (1 bike, 2 passengers). Distance to the hotel, 6 km.

When Arriving at parking where the snowmobiles begin, one member of the hotel staff will give instructions for a safety driving.

Price based on 5 people (price per person)

No cell phone coverage at Spa.


Depature / Arrival: Aiguamog car park (where snowmobiles) (Salardú)
Departure time: 11:00 h ; 17:00 h if snowmobile is required
2 overnights in hotel – spa Banhs de Tredòs. Dinner and Breakfast included
Use of Swimmingpool, finish sauna and jakuzzi, the 2nd day of overnight in the hotel – spa
Dinners and breakfasts in tents
Traverse equipment. Skis, snowshoes, ski poles & pulkas
Equipment transport
Guía Amaroq Explorers
Safety equipment
Spot or Delorme  and solar charger
Tents, cooking equipment, and first aid kit
benzine, gas, wood
Not included:
Personal expenditures as drinks, snacks,…
Personal equipment/ clothes, sleepingbags, backpack, … Please, contact as for advice
All services not specified as included
Snow mobile 58 € (up & down)



Additional information

Groupsizemin. 4 / max. 8

Day 1


11:00 H Meeting pouint at Salardú. Equipment distribution, setting up pulks


– Use of skis and snowshoes.

– How to set up pulkas and how progress on the ground. The smoothness of the slope in the first part of the tour, will allow us to take contact with this activity in a progressive way.

Depending on the snow condition and the amount of snow, we will start closer or away from  Banhs of Tredós. The maximum distance travel will be 8 kms.

Banhs de Tredós hote- spa:

Snowmobiles are available *, which will be driven by the same customers, in couples. In that case the activity will begin later. (at 17:00 H)

Overnight at Hotel Banhs de Tredòs. Half Board (HB)


Day 2


8:00 H Breakfast

9:30 H Start traverse

Overnight in tents (Dinner and breakfast)


Day 3


8:00 H Breakfast

10:30 H Start

Overnight in tents (Dinner and breakfast)


Day 4


8:00 H Breakfast

10:30H Start

17:00 – 18:00 H Arriving at hotel

Swimming pool, sauna and jakuzzi

Overnight at hotel – spa. Half Board (HB)


Day 5


8:00 H Breakfast

9:30 H Depart to car park


Snowmobile departures to hotel – spa

11:30 am, 13:30 pm, 17:30 pm, 20:00 pm, 22:30 pm.

Snowmobile departures from hotel – spa

09:30 am, 12:30 pm, 16:30 pm, 19:00 pm, 22:00 pm

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