2 days
Cabdella, Pallars Jussà, Lleida Pyrenees, Catalonia
summer-autumn 2016

This is a demanding two-day trek through the high valley of La Vall Fosca.

Header of the Vall Fosca, ” the Dark Valley”, is composed of thirty lakes, of glacial origin.
Highlights Tort lake, Colomina lake or the Sea Lake, which are some of the most known and visited. During our tour, we will see and visit many others that are protected from the eyes of most visitors and just as spectacular as the most famous. For example Francí Lake, Salado lake or Mariolo lake, to mention some.

Overnight in a mountain hut, called “the Colomina” where, surrounded by wonderful scenery, we will have dinner, relax and recover our energy.

The lakes area where we go deep, is the gateway to the the southern side of “Aigüestortes and Sant Maurici” National Park.
In this Alpine scenario, there are a large number of specimens of fauna such as the Pyrenean goat, marmots, snow partridge or bearded voltures. In the highest areas, there locate flora such as gentians, arnica or Rus’ path’s orchids, among others.

We are excited to have the opportunity to guide you on this incredible adventure!

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Point of Departure / Arrival: Cabdella, Pallars Jussà
Check Out: 07:30 am
Breakfast & overnight in Colomina Refuge
Meals specified in program (dinner & breakfast)
Amaroq Explorers guide
Activities according to program
Tents, cooking equipment & First Aid kit
Insurance and VAT
Not included:
Transportation, Picnic for 2nd day. (Transport from Barcelona is possible with us)
Personal expenses like calls, drinks, alcoholic beverages, etc
Personal equipment & clothes. Please, contact us for advice.
Services not mentioned in the list of things included


  • Discover a territory modeled by glaciarism
  • 33 km & 2.700 m positive slope
  • Feel and enjoy the night in Colomina mountain hut and its awesome surroundings
  • Observe the vestiges of recent history in the use of water that has characterized this territory


Additional information

Groupsizemin. 4 / max. 8

Day 1

7:30 a.m. Meet at Capdella. We will do a quick review of the equipment so as not forget anything and we will begin hiking at 08:00.The estimated time of arrival at the shelter will be between 17:00 and 18:00. The journey will be between 9 and 10 hours, in which we cover a distance of 22 km and a slope of nearly 2000 m.From Cabdella we will hike up Riqüerna Valley, one of those little pyrenees valleys with a wide range of charms that transform the landscape. During the spring, the river is a spectacle of roaring waterfalls and streams due to melting snow. In summer, the sun meadows are covered by a carpet of colorful flowers. In autumn the deciduous trees are showing infinite shades of yellow and orange .Dinner and overnight at the shelter.

Day 2

After breakfast, we will start walking to the East, to the Pic de la Mainera, and later towards l’Estany Gento, and finally, return to Cabdella. It is a journey, of between 7 and 8 hours.The program may change depending on weather conditions, terrain (snow and ice in the mountain passes), the group’s strength and the guide’s decisions at all times.

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14 May, 2019

I had such a fantastic adventure. The scenery was gorgeous and we were the only ones in the park.
Ramon was a pleasure and this excursion was everything that I hoped it would be.

31 December, 2019

At the end of November 2019, Ramon and I, made a 3 days adventure, discovering the Aiguestortes National Park in winter.
Ramon heard my requests and made several suggestions accordingly. He quickly answered all my questions before the trip and planned in detail the trip that I chosen, with an estimation of the walking times.
A list of required equipment was sent to me and a check was made for which items Ramon would help and bring his own (snow shoes, crampons, snow poles and warm clothing). He carried equipment for safety, boiling water brought in his car a lot of extra equipment, which we used some of it.
Ramon helped and bought a variety of nutritious and tasty vegetarian food for me, for all 3 days of the trip.
On the first day, Ramon picked me up from the hotel in central Barcelona and we headed for the national park. On the way we passed through Ramon’s family house (a very nice place for accommodation) to store my suitcase.
After 4 hours of pleasant and interesting ride (Ramon is a very interesting person) and with a beautiful view of the snowy Pyrenees approaching, we reached the start of the route at the Sallente Dam.
We ascended about a thousand meters on the snow, starting from the first moment. We began with hiking shoes and later changed to snowshoes. Ramon guided, demonstrated and trained me well in walking with the snowshoes (first time for me).
After walking for about five enjoyable hours, we arrived to Colomina mountain hut, which was warm from the sun, and enjoy watching the sunset.
The next morning, after watching the sunrise and a nutritious breakfast, we started walking using the crampons or snowshoes towards a mountain pass.
Due to the insufficient temperature at night, the top layer of snow did not freeze enough and the very challenging walking in the soft snow took longer than the original plan. We understood that according to our pace, we would not arrive at a reasonable time for the second hut and so we decided to change the plan.
Ramon had an alternative plan, in advance, for this case. We ascended almost to the summit of one of the mountains, and then we embarked on a beautiful and interesting alternative route back to the Colomina hut.
We passed between two lakes, walked on another two frozen lakes and saw a herd of Pyrenean Chamois.
Ramon identified the animals, traces, plants, rocks and much more details about the area and its history and explained in an interesting way.
We arrived back to Colomina hut and Ramon contacted the second hut to announce that we would not arrive there.
According to the original plan, on the third day, we had to return from the second hut, by another route coming down from the mountains, to the starting point.
Due to the change in the second day plan, Ramon made an alternate plan for the third day. We went to see another lake in advanced freezing stage, saw the old railroad used to build the dams on all the lakes in the area and then made our way down from the mountains, back to the vehicle.
We finished our adventure with beer and a variety of cheese in a pub in one of the villages that Ramon knows on the way back from the mountains.
During the 3 days, Ramon led us with great confidence. Although it was my first real snow hiking, I felt very safe with Ramon’s guidance.
The interesting conversations and explanations enhanced the enjoyment of the hiking and the views.
I highly recommend Ramon as a tour guide around Catalonia, for a day trip or multiple day adventure.
I am sure other adventures around the world with Ramon guidance are very successful and I am already looking forward to the next adventure.

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