min. 4 / max. 6


When we talk about Chukotka, we are talking about the most remote region of Russia, and one of the most inaccessible. It was not completely conquered by Russia until the end of the 19th century, after many years of hard battles (and defeats) against its indigenous populations, mainly the Chukchi.

With an area of more than 730,000 km2 (the entire Iberian peninsula has an area of 580,000 km2), and a population of only 50,000 inhabitants, it is the region with the lowest population density in the whole Russia.

Its remote location made it possible for indigenous populations to retain many of their traditions and languages until not too distant times, but the internal wars between these indigenous ethnic groups – mainly among the most numerous and warlike ones, the Chukchis, the Koryaks and the Yukaghirs – minorities were assimilated and virtually disappeared.

At the present time, in the territory of Chukotka we find that several indigenous ethnic groups coexist like the Siberian Yupiks, the Evens, the Chuvans and the Yukaghirs, although the great dominator (in numerical terms) are the Chukchis.

In the vicinity of Chuvanskoye (a village originally from the Chuvans) we will visit Chuvan camps where we can experience something extraordinary and unique, the cooperation between different indigenous ethnic groups in search of a common benefit. In Chuvan camps we can find members of the ethnic groups of the Chuvans, Lamuts (Evens), Chukchis, Yukaghirs … and all this led by a “immigrant” from the south, a member of the Buriats ethnic group.

Join us in this adventure, along with Miguel Ángel Julián, our cultural specialist, to enter deep in a virgin and tremendously inaccessible area, a short distance from the neighboring Kamchatka and Yakutiya.




Starting Point / Finishing Point : Moscow &/or Anadyr
Departing Time: Not available
Management and processing of entry permits into the territory of Chukotka
Accommodation in the territory of Chukotka (shared rooms)
All displacements specified in the program
Meals specified in the program
Local Guide
Amaroq Explorers Guide
Russian-Spanish-English Interpreter
Local families homestay
Activities according to the program
Arctic safety equipment
Satellite phone, Delorme and solar charger
Winter tents, kitchen equipment, and first aid
Not included:
Management and processing of the VISA for the entrance to the Russian territory (contact us for advice)
Flights to / from Moscow
Personal expenses such as drinks, tickets, phone calls …
Flights Moscow-Anadyr-Moscow (cost approx. 1,000 EUR)
Accommodation in Moscow (contact us for advice)
Travel Insurance
Excess baggage
Personal equipment / clothing, sleeping bag, backpack, warm clothing, etc. Contact us for advice
Other services in Moscow
Calls from the satellite phone (€ 2 / min)
Other services in Moscow and Anadyr
All services not specified in “included”


  • Having the opportunity to live in the Tundra together with several indigenous ethnic groups completely isolated in the last 50 years (first visit of foreigners to the nomadic camp in 2017, carried out by  our partners Miguel Ángel Julián and Agustín Amaro on their exploratory tour inside Chukotka)
  • To be able to participate (and work) together with the natives in an event so important for them as the “карализация
  • Visit the inner towns, unknown even for the great majority of inhabitants of Chukotka
  • The stunning unspoiled landscape of inside Chukotka, a short distance from the border with Kamchakta and Yakutiya, with an Arctic fauna and flora transitioning between the Tundra and the Taiga.

Additional information

Duration16 days
Physical level6/10
CalendarMarch 22nd – April 6th 2018

Day 1

Group meeting at Vnukovo airport, Moscow.

The flight to Anadyr leaves from this airport at 19:20 h (UTC +03: 00).

Overnight in flight


Day 2

Arriving at Anadyr at 12:30 (UTC +12: 00).

When arriving at Anadyr you must pass the internal customs controls (border area), which can take a few hours.

At this point of the program you must have patience, we are in a destination very remote and border with the United States, and the controls are exhaustive (personal interviews to each passenger).

Once we have passed the controls and have returned the documentation, transfer to the hotel to rest and start adapting to the time difference.


Day 3-4

Weekend in Anadyr, the capital of Chukotka, final adaptation to the time change (jetlag).

All Chukotka airports are closed at weekends, so we do not have the possibility to take any flight until Monday.

Visit to the ethnographic museum, where we will talk about a small introduction to the indigenous groups that we will visit the following week.

The Amaroq Explorers cultural guide will introduce group members to the local culture of Chukotka, visiting local people from the capital, and recommending the best sites in the city to sample the local gastronomy.


Day 5

We will travel to the airport to take the local flight to the town of Chuvanskoye, after stopping at Markovo to refuel.

Arrival at the village of Chuvanskoye at noon. Moving to Assigned Accommodations.

In this village we can take a sauna in the evening, just before sharing a dinner with the local people. Lunch and dinner included.


Day 6

We will spend the day in this village, meeting local people and sharing activities with them – ice fishing, water extraction for consumption, crossing around, …

We will take a sauna in the evening, just before sharing a dinner with the locals. Breakfast, lunch and dinner included.


Day 7-10

We will go to the nomadic camp, where we will spend the following days. The trip to find the camp can take a few hours, we go to a camp in the most remote of the Tundra of Chukotka.

We will share the day to day of this camp. At this time the “карализация“, which consists basically in the classification of reindeer, and activities such as castration.

A typical day at Chuvan camp is to get up and have a good breakfast prepared by kitchen managers (usually women). The workers (men and women) prepare their tools and move to the workplace, located a short distance from the camp, are their snowmobiles or reindeer sleighs. Return to the camp to have a good lunch, and spend the afternoon with various activities, depending on the work done in the morning. When night comes, if luck goes with us, we can enjoy beautiful aurora borealis, or share a good chat inside the shops.

If time allows, we will go to another nomadic camp – today,  only 2 nomadic Chuvans camps remain.

In the past, there were several camps, with thousands and thousands of reindeer in each herd. With the economic crisis the country suffered a great blow, reducing the sale of reindeer to almost unsustainable levels, and cutting off any subsidy from the central government. This has made the animals have been drastically reduced, and this lifestyle was increasingly unsustainable. Many members of these camps leave the nomadic life and move to other villages to start a more ‘urban’ life, losing all their identity. The 2 camps that remain represent the last vestige of a culture destined to disappear in a short period of time …


Day 11

We will return to the village of Chuvanskoye, where we will prepare our come back to Anadyr by land (vehicles adapted to move around the Tundra).
We will take a sauna in the evening, just before sharing a dinner with the locals. Breakfast, lunch and dinner included.


Day 12

We will get up, have breakfast with local people, prepare our luggage and take the land vehicle to move us to Markovo, the first Cossack capital of Chukotka.

This journey may take several hours, depending on the snow conditions and weather conditions.


Day 13

We will spend the day in Markovo.

We will visit the local ethnographic museum, wearing local indigenous clothing, and enjoying some local indigenous games.

We will visit the boarding school, where we will be able to share a good time with the children who live there, and we will be able to enjoy with them a soccer game – our visit will be a great event for them, who have never seen a foreigner.

We will spend the night with a local family. Breakfast, lunch and dinner included.


Day 14-15

We will spend the next two days moving ashore to Anadyr. If we are lucky we will be able to catch a glimpse of the always magical northern lights in the middle of the Tundra.

If everything goes according to plan, we will spend one night in an intermediate town, Ust-Belaya.

We will arrive at Anadyr, where we can rest and enjoy a last dinner with the whole group.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner included.


Day 16

We will prepare our luggage and travel to the airport to take our flight to Moscow.

Departure at 15:15 h and arrival at Moscow (Vnukovo airport) at 14:40 h (same day, for the time change we will arrive “before” the departure time).

End of program.