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Live an adventure, surrounded by wild nature, in an Arctic landscape. Crossing the land of the Sami, hidden and protected by nature, we enter one of the wildest national parks in Europe.

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This total trip of 12 days, takes place in Sweden, to be precise in Lapland and takes 7 days of skiing or snowshoeing with pulka (+1 free day) on a circular route that begins and ends at the Saltoluokta Refuge through the Sarek National Park

This 140 km long route crosses a real desert and rugged terrain for many participants. In addition to the sporting element, the objectives are also to enjoy the experience of nature and adventure. We also hope to see some wildlife. There are no towns along the way. We will find some cabins on our route. Only our initial and final points are inhabited (Saltoluokta).
In this desolate area, we will take a ski tour for 7 to 8 days, where we depend completely on ourselves. We will sleep in stores most of the time and each member must bring their own equipment, gas and food. We will sleep in cabins the first and last night, in Saltoluokta. We will have to cross the frozen lake from Kebnats (our bus station stop) to Saltoluokta on the first day, and we will do the same on the last day to take the bus to Gallivare.

The National Park:

The first National Park known as Sarek was created in 1910, and was the first of its kind in Europe. The mountainous terrain predominates, covering almost 90% of the entire surface of the park.

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The climate is typical of the Arctic, with temperatures that can reach below -20ºC and exceptionally below -30ºC. The average temperature in March ranges between -6ºC and -12ºC.

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Aurora borealis:

Due to its latitude, 67º N, and the dates of the trip, we have good options to observe the northern lights.


  • Adventure, wild nature, arctic landscapes and solitude.
  • Aurora borealis.
  • Discover a territory with a cultural heritage that goes back thousands of years: The Sami.
  • Enjoy an authentic Nordic sauna, enjoying the heat while contemplating the snowy landscape of the National Park.

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Departure / Arrival Point: Stockholm Airport (Arlanda)
Departure time: Not available
2 nights at the Saltoluokta refuge. (Shared bedrooms).
Train from Arlanda to Gallivare (round trip)
Bus from Gallivare to Kebnats (round trip)
Progression equipment: skis / snowshoes, and pulkas
Amaroq Explorers guide
Safety equipment
Satphone & Gamin Enreach
Tents, kitchen equipment, and first aid
Benzine, gas
Not included:
Flights to / from Stockholm
Personal expenses such as drinks, meals, tickets, phone calls …
Travel insurance
Excess baggage
Personal equipment / clothing, sleeping bag, backpack, warm clothes, etc. Contact us for advice
Other services: Additional nights in cabins, shelters and hotels
Calls from the satellite phone (€ 2 / min)
Rescue and abandonment expenses
All services not specified in “included”

Additional information

Duration12 days
Physical level7/10
LocationP.N. Sarek Laponia (Suecia)
Calendar01st – 12th March 2020

Day 1


Arrival at Stockholm (Arlanda). At the same airport we will take the night train to Gallivare. We will sleep during the car-bed trip in 6-seater cabins.

Overnight on the train


Day 2


At 8:15 a.m., at the same train station in Gallivare, we will take the bus to Kebnats. Arrival at 10:15.

The road to Ritsem is called by the natives as “the road to nothing.” During the journey we can observe the wild space covered by a blanket of snow, frozen lakes, extensive pine and fir forests.

At the Kebnats bus stop, we will get off, pick up the material, and cross the icy lake skiing or with raqueas to the Saltoluokta refuge. (2.5 km)

We will take advantage of the afternoon to familiarize ourselves with the team and make the last preparations.
At night we can enjoy a sauna, (to recover from the trip), overlooking the icy landscapes of the National Park.

Overnight at Saltoluokta Fjallstation.




Sarek National Park

The adventure begins! We start from the shelter with the skis / rackets placed towards the heart of Sarek


Pietsaure Lake

Now we progress between mountains and forests, we will cross the river, and we will go down to 645 meters, from where we will begin to cross the huge lake Pietsaure. Here we can find tracks of all kinds and if we are lucky and remain silent, we can observe the Arctic fox or the snowy partridge. As for the bear, at this time it is still in its state of hibernation.

Overnight in tents.


Day 4


The journey leads us into this park, through places that remind of Alaska. Sarek is very alpine, landscape of magnificent mountains, narrow valleys and vertical walls.

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The park contains more than 200 mountains over 1,800 meters high. Six of Sweden’s thirteen highest mountains are found here, along with about 100 glaciers. During our tour we will meet some Sami cabin, which they use as shelter while they take care of their reindeers.


Day 5


We enter the Rappadalen Valley

Amaroqexplorers.comOvernight in tents.


Day 6


The Rapadalen Valley Crossing

Following the course of its frozen river, a cannon appears in front of our eyes. The valley, as we go, gains depth. Heading east, we leave the river up a snow ramp to enter a wide valley, where progress is made comfortably, over Lake Bierikjavvre.


Overnight in tents.


Day 7


Overnight in tents.


Day 8


Overnight in tents.


Day 9


Spare day


Día 10


Saltoluokta Fjallstation

The mountain refuge is only 6 kilometers away. We will pass through the Sami summer camp before starting the descent, with views over the extensive mountain ranges and valleys of the P.N. Stora Sjöfallet and Lake Akkajaure.

Night at the Saltoluokta mountain station.


Día 11


Return to Gallivare-Arlanda

In the morning we will cross Lake Akkajaure and then we will take the bus to Gallivare. Then the train to Arlanda.

Overnight on the train to Arlanda.


Día 12


Arlanda (Stockholm) -Destination

Flight departure to destination.


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